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When we are going talking to start earning online the most common and effective way is Blogging. To start a blog, we required a website. In our last article, we discuss what is Blogging? And How we can start Blogging? Now we are going to know What is Niche and How to Start a Niche Website?

We will discuss in detail step by step guide to choose the right niche for your blog site. Niche is very important to build a website and earn online. In our last topic, we discuss How to earn from Blogging? There we discuss Affiliate Marketing. For better understanding, we will take the example of an Affiliate Marketing niche Website.

What is Niche Website?

Hare, we will be going to know what is Niche Website? But for your understanding, we are giving the example of the Amazon Niche Website which is most profitable and common to everyone.

The most powerful way of affiliate marketing is the Amazon Niche website. Most people who earn thousands of dollars every month from Amazon Affiliate, they earn from the Niche website.

If you want to earn a thousand dollars or more from Amazon Affiliate Marketing, then you can achieve this target by creating a Niche Website.

But if you want to reach this target, you have to work very hard. Will have to do research and will have to spend a lot of time.

  • what are these websites?
  • How do you make it?
  • How does this help you to make a good income?

What is Niche?

A niche website means a website that contents are related to a particular topic or product. Niche’s website has a special audience for those who are writing content on a regular basis.

In this type of website, you can write reviews of the product, or write articles of top ten type.

I’m giving few examples of Niches such as music, audio, car accessories, shaving, swimming, kitchen, green tea and coffee, products and babies, kids, finance, fitness, furniture, gardening, parenting, supplements, packed foods, fashion, and many more.

I will give you some examples of Amazon Niche sites which you will understand better.

  • PCPARTPICKER.com is a US-based website that covers something about personal computers. Its traffic on the Similar web is more than 10 million. You can guess how much they can earn from this website.
  • A website of India DIgit.in which writes about gadgets. It has a traffic of close to 10 million.
  • DogFoodAdvisor.com This website only writes about dog food. But its monthly traffic is close to 1.2 million.
  • HomeGrounds.co covers about coffee and its traffic is close to 4 lakh 75 thousand.
  • SoundGuys.com covers headphones and speakers. And its monthly traffic is close to 1.75 million.

So, I hope now you have understood what a Niche website is? And if you have even covered a small topic very well, then you can get traffic in lakhs.

A niche website with 1 lakh monthly traffic can easily earn thousand dollars from Amazon. You can guess how much these websites will earn. So, if you understood what Niche websites are, then let’s see how you can create them. And how they will work.

How to Start Niche Website | Step by step Guide

For starting our Niche Website, I will give you the nine important steps details. Every step is very important so don’t miss any step.

1. How to select your Niche.

This is the most important step. If you made any mistake in this step, both your success and the income of your website can make a big difference.

Amazon has more than 10 million products and dozens of categories. Depending on these products and categories, you can decide your targeted Niche.

To Choosing the best Niche of your website we will describe in three points. Which are very important when to finalize the Niche?

A. Profit

You have to choose your right Niche in such a way that Niche can give you good profit.

All the listed amazon products commission rate is not same. The commission range available from 1% to 10%. You have to choose products that can give you a minimum of 4% income.

According to my experience, the products that give the highest profit have a price range from $80 to $150. Because it gives you a good commission and their conversion is also very good.

B. Knowledge

You must have good knowledge about your Niche. If you do not have good knowledge then you will not be able to write good content. You have to work very hard to write here.

C. Interest

If you do not enjoy your Niche, then after some time you will feel that writing is a liability for your website. It will be such a type of Niche that if you are not able to make a profit then also you will enjoy writing it.

The main objective of many people is just to earn money. And that is their driving force as well.

If you also belonging this type of category then you can take any profitable Niche and do it in such away. Even if you do not have both knowledge and interest in it. Money teaches you everything.

2. Select your target.

Target selection is also very important. Is your main target USA or India or any other country?

Suppose you want to target internationally but you have to keep the best country only one. And accordingly, you have to select the targeted Niche and target the product as well. Then start writing the content on your website.

Amazon US is the most profitable target. But it has not been as profitable since the commission structure of Amazon US is changed. But since then competition has come down considerably because so many top affiliates are focusing that much on Amazon US.

If I talk about the affiliate of Amazon India, then India also has a lot of potentials. According to affiliate marketing, the competition here is almost nil.

If you follow all these steps and target Amazon India, then your chances of having success can increase significantly. Whatever country you are targeting, you also get 15% to 30% international traffic from Google. If you do Geo-Targeting, you can also monitor your international traffic.

3. Setup your Website.

In the next step, you have to set up your Website. There are five important steps to set up your Website.

A. Select your Domain and Hosting.

The domain of a Niche website should be representative of a brand and not a keyword.

I’m sharing few examples: Like, if you talk about fitness, then your domain can be like this. Fitness guru, fitness staff, or keep yourself fit.com, .in, .net, etc. If you choose the right domain it will help to rank your website fast.

If you want more details on Domain click our article: How to Choose SEO Friendly Right Domain?

There are a lot of companies for web hosting as well, but I only recommend Hostinger for Beginners. Because their price is low and the interface is very easy. Website speed also we are getting best in this price range. If you have a little bit of extra budget you can go for Hostarmada or Blue Host. They are proving the best support with lots of additional features.

Why I’m Recommending Hostarmada please check: Best Webhosting for Website.

B. Theme

Theme plays a very important role in increasing the conversion of your website. A good theme is one that any non-technical person can customize.

  • Make your design attractive.
  • Which is fast and mobile-friendly.
  • User friendly and affordable.

I will not confuse you with 10 themes names. The best theme I find for Niche websites is Generate Press. Its free version is also available in WordPress. Which has basic features. Its Pro version is also available which is affordable. But the features are very high. I only use its Pro version on my Niche website.

C. Landing page builder

If you see in General Term, then the landing page means that every page of your Website on which your visitors click from somewhere and land.

But in the marketing world, a landing page means a particular page that helps increase your Website’s conversion. This landing page is different from the rest of the posts and pages of your Website.

The tools used to create a landing page are called page builders.

By the way, there are many landing page builders available in the market. But my favorite is Elementor. With the help of Elementor, you can create lovely and high-conversion landing pages. You can also use the landing pages for the most profitable pages of your Website.

D. Plugins

These are all important plugins that you can use on your Website.


E. Ad Important Pages

On the Website, you have to use some important pages which are necessary. Such as an about page, contact page, affiliate disclaimer, or privacy policy page.

So, in this way, you can set up your Amazon affiliate website.

4. Keyword Research

It is a very important and crucial step. If your research of keyword searching is not done correctly, your income can make a big difference.

Semrush is the most important tool for doing keyword research.

This helps you a lot to find the perfect keywords of your related Niche. The money-making and profitable keywords for Amazon Affiliate are based on the review topic or Best/Top ten list.

Initially, if you targeted your keywords with a long tail and low keyword difficulty, it will be easier for you to rank on google fast.

Criteria of minimum search volume can be done from 500 searches. When some traffic starts to come to your Website, you can also target medium difficulty or high difficulty keywords.

5. Content Writing

This is the most important StepStep to rank your Website. It is not so hard, but people fail to rank on google #1 due to this StepStep. We all know that on the Website, Content is the King. If your content quality is high, then your ranking chances are also going High.

For Affiliate Marketing, You can focus on post content with these four types on your Website.

  • The first one is Reviews of the product like the iPhone 12 review.
  • Second: List of Best Product such as Best 10 Ear Phones Under ₹1000.
  • Third: Comparison of products such as the iPhone 12 vs. Samsung S20.
  • Fourth: Informative Content such as how to buy a camera.

Ideal Content Writing

The ideal content length for the Amazon affiliate is 3 thousand plus words in today’s date. If you want to beat your competitors, then this is the most important way. The best content is that which is written based on your experience. A product review content can give you recurring earnings for several months and years, and so on.

If you want your content to be the best, you can buy the product, test it, and write a review. You only have to recommend your audience to the right products that are the best on your Niche.

You can check reviews on Amazon; the higher the studies, the higher the rating, the better the product.

Another advantage of buying the product is that it can also give you high-quality original images. Because from amazon images downloading its violated amazon policy. You can’t use these images on your Website.

On Amazon, you also get to read reviews of other people. Based on them, you can make your content more usable. But remember, you have to take the idea from the reviews. Do not direct copy the content.

6. Promote the Content of your Website

SEO is the most important way to promote a Niche website because the most traffic of any target Niche website comes from Google.

You can also target other search engines and social media platforms. The best social media platforms are YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can even promote your site from Quora and Medium.

So here we talk about SEO.

If your Niche is hard, then you have to do quality SEO. But if it is easy, then very high-quality SEO is not required. The general Amazon Affiliate has shallow Niches, which is very competitive.

And talking about India, the competition here is even less. If you do keyword research, you write good content. And if you do on-page SEO correctly than off-page SEO, you do not have to work very hard.

You can rank well even if you do essential backlinks like high authority article submission websites and guest posting.

7. Amazon’s policies

Amazon is very strict about its policies. If you want your account to be safe and you keep income from Amazon for a long time, then you have to know and follow Amazon’s policies.

Amazon has a lot of policies, such as

  • You can promote Amazon products only on your Website or social account.
  • I cannot do direct email marketing.
  • Neither an image nor any content can be copied from Amazon’s site.
  • You cannot buy from your affiliate link. There are so many more policies.

8. Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization means in the same traffic how you can increase your income or say another way To increase traffic and improve our income.

For example, suppose your Website has an overall conversion of 2%, and from this 2% conversion, your income is 2 thousand dollars.

If you optimize your conversion and only increase 0.5% or even 1%, your income can range from two thousand dollars to 2.5 thousand or 3 thousand dollars.

So how to do conversion optimization?

  • First: There are many ways to target the right keywords, which are buyers’ keywords like review type keywords, list keywords, discount, and offer keywords. So, you can increase your conversion like reviews of Canon 200D. 10 Best Digital Cameras, Canon 200D Offers Extra.
  • Second: If you targeted the long-tail keyword with low difficulty, then your Website can rank fast.
  • Targeting long-tail keywords can increase traffic to your Website and conversion as well. Because of long-tail keywords, your conversion is going to be better.
  • Third: There are many other ways, such as if you write a detailed article, you can use the text link of the affiliate wherever possible.
  • Fourth: The call to action button can be used.
  • Fifth: Comparison tables can be used.
  • Sixth: By doing Geo-targeting, we can monetize international traffic.

9. Scale your Affiliate Website

If you have started earning a thousand to two thousand dollars in a month, then now is the time to scale it. That means to carry it to $5000 or more. For this, you will find these tips very useful.

  1. The most important step is to invest in your Website, where we can invest and see it.
  2. Secondly, analyzing your Website’s traffic and understanding where you can increase both your traffic and income.
  3. The third is to outsource your task, which is not much import, but you consume your time.
  4. You are increasing the frequency of your content. For this, you can hire writers.
  5. To acquire high-quality backlinks.
  6. I am starting a YouTube channel and covering the same content into videos.
  7. The seventh is to add email capture forms on your Website.

Apart from this, many ways help in skilling your affiliate website.


If you work correctly on a small website, it is not challenging to earn thousands of dollars after one year. Despite studying for 15 years, it isn’t easy to get a job of 15 thousand today.

Even though we are continuing to study diligently and wait for a good job, but when it comes to Blogging or Online marketing, people neither have to invest nor do hard work nor wait.

They wait for someone to tell them a quick mantra that will earn thousands of dollars of an eagle. Nothing like this happens. There is a lot of money on the Internet, but only for those who deserve this money.

I hope you liked our article. If you like it, then please share your comments. You can share this article with your loved ones. Maybe If you do not benefit, then any of your friends will benefit from it.

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