What is Domain | Why Domain Name is Important?

In this blog post, I will tell you how to choose SEO friendly domain because many people don’t choose the right domain name. This post will clear your whole doubt of domain name so you should read it up to the end. Let’s start

What is Domain Name and Domain Extinction?

Friends a domain name is your website name. A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. So, a domain name can be any combination of letter numbers and it can be used in the combination of domain name extensions.

A computer only understands numbers that are IP address which is in number. People cannot remember all this number for this our website address is in words.

IP Address

Now a day domain names should be remembered because if you build trust with your audience so they will remember your domain name and whatever question they have so they will visit your website.

If you are going to buy a domain you must take it simple. The domain name shouldn’t more than 5 words because the visitor is unable to remember such a lengthy domain name. For example, the domain is bloggingworldFAQquestion.com so it is difficult to remember such a domain name. Instead of it, you can take bloggingFAQ.com another domain name that is easy to remember.

But only remembering domain name not satisfied because you also need an easy to pronounce. If any people can’t pronounce that domain name so they will forget that domain name.

What are Domain Extensions?

Domain extensions are the last part of your domain name. For example, onlydigitalway.com the domain extension of it is (.)com. Different domain extensions have different property links to them. it can be divided into four parts so let’s see that.

1 General Domain Extensions

These are the domain mostly used domain extensions like (.)com (.)org (.)net. These are the very top-level unique domain extensions and are commonly used.

2 Sponsor domain extensions

These types of domains are restricted and there it can be only owned by an organization and a group of peoples. and these domains include (.)gov (.)edu likewise.

3 Generic Restricted Domain

These extensions and they are really a bit require more documentation if you want this kind of domain. You need to have lots of authentications and this includes like .name and .pro likewise. These are some domain extensions that are come under these generated restrictions domain extensions.

4 Country Code Domain Extension

These are the domain extension which is made for a particular country like for India it’s (.)in, like for the UK it’s (.)uk like for the USA it’s (.)us and so on. For every country, there are some different domain extinctions for that particular country.

What are the Different parts of the domain name?

There are four different parts of our domains.

First Protocol:

You can see HTTPS in Domain. This is an SSL part that implies the security label in your domain name. So, this is also called a prefix of the domain.

Second Subdomain:

You can see it as a www so this is the subdomains of your domain only. this survey is the main name of your domain that is the brand name and .com is the domain extension here the .com is acting as the domain extreme the whole of this combines and makes a complete domain name.

Third Domain Name:

Here we already discuss what is a domain name? In a Domain, the portion is represented by your Brand Name that portion is called a Domain Name. So basically what name you called for your website is a Domain name. Like 1 Example https://www.google.com here the portion google is a Domain name.

Fourth Top-level Domain:

What extension you are using for your Domain that is called Top-level Domain. We can take the same example https://www.google.com here (.)com is the Top-level Domain. There are so many options available now a day for Top-level Domains. Because of the non-availability of the brand name in (.)com now peoples are moving to other extensions.

Note: Including Domain name & Top-level Domain Name it is called the root domain.

What is the Purpose of the Domain Name?

A domain name helps you to represent your business online and act as your brand’s digital identity. So that’s why a domain is very important for your business rather than this there are many other important domains.

First: If you are registering your domain online and it can provide you a good brand name value.

Second: Suppose you are dealing with some brand and your brand is not online anyone can buy that domain name and can take the advantage of that brand name. So, it’s advisable to buy your domain name and to keep it reserved for yourself.

Third: We will study the history of a domain name before purchasing I need to know everything about the domain. Whatever can you purchase online it is available or not. What is the spam score? What is the history of that Domain? If someone has done spamming on that domain, you don’t need to buy that Domain.

What to Check Spam Score of a Domain?

I’m going to show you practically how you can find out this spam score and how you can check the history of a domain. So here we have landed up into a platform that is called website SEO checker.

DNS Server

SPAM Score Check:

We will put the domain name if suppose I have a domain name selfhealingtv.com I will just put the domain name on the search box and I will check out that I’m not a robot. Then click on the check button this will show up my spam score. You can check out the spam score is Zero or very low. That means that the domain is spam-free and you can buy this domain.

Domain History Check:

The second platform is the way back machine. You can put your domain name here and watch out for its previous history. If it contains some spamming or it has some very bad history, you can check it out here. So here you can find out the result is coming yes you can find out the results and you can see nothing has been detected. So, the domain is totally free of spam and you can use it for your business.

Domains Best for Business

Next thing is, this type of domain extinction is to work upon for your business. The following are the domain extension that we can work upon that (.)com obviously for a commercial purpose and this extension is best for Global Business.

If your extension is (.)org this is for organizations based for (.)gov for government agencies, (.)edu for education institute, (.)net network organizations, (.)me personal use, (.)store is for store purpose, (.)in its country-based, online taking your business (.)online (.)trade is for business partnerships and (.)info is sharing the information.

What is SEO friendly domain name?

Just look at hotels.com. They have the keyword hotel in their domain name, they rank really well. Because someone ranks well in search engines for a term it does not means that they will be the only first in the space. For example, booking.com is larger than hotels.com, and that they don’t have a Keyword in their domain.

You can still rank now also if you do not have a Keyword within your domain. You can always add keywords within your URL so that it will show SEO, this is one of the Reason many people rank on other keyword but their domain name is different.

9 Tips to Choose a Great Domain Name?

i) Easy to Memorized

Be memorable. with millions of domain names are already registered to find one that sketchy and memorable is essential. Only you think you have got a good domain name, share it with some folks to make sure it’s sound appearing and makes sense to others.

ii) Easy to Type

Choose a domain name that’s easy to type. If you use the letter you instead of the word you or maybe you used a funky spelling it might be harder for your customer to find your site.

iii) Avoid Long Name

Coma keeps it short. If you are domain name is long and complex, you risk customer misspelling or mistyping it. short and simple is the way to go.

iv) Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Avoid numbers and hyphens. This can be often be misunderstood. Most of the time people can’t remember your domain name if you spell your domain to another so they can’t write an accurate domain.

v) Target Local Area

Comma target your local area. If you planning your business is need to run locally then using your city or state in your domain name. To make it easy for the local customers to find and remember.

vi) Use Keywords

Use keywords in your domain. A great place to start our keywords that describe your product or services that you offer.

vii) Check Before Buy

Research it. When you choose a domain name you need to make sure it is non-copyrighted or trademarked or being used by another company if. This way you can avoid potential legal issues that may cost you money as well as your domain name.

viii) Small & Simple

Small domain extension that fits. some extensions are associated with specific types of business. For example, a.org is associated with non-profits. so, you should make sure that you are choosing a domain extension that fits your business.

ix) Build a Brand With Domain Name

Protect it and build your brand. Once you have settled on a domain name, consider registering a different extension or even my spelling. This prevents your competitors from registering a different version of your domain name and enables you to redirect the customer to your website and even they mistyped it.

You Can Check : What is a Niche Website | Guide to start

So, these are very important domain extensions that are commonly used and the people who use these domain extensions very often. Out of these all I want to tell you that (.)com domain is the very famous domain. Exchange a few other domain extinctions which are also present and these are trending. These are the latest trending domain extensions (.)XYZ (.)cloud (.)online (.)live (.)today (.)shop (.)solution (.)word (.)world and (.)like and so on.

These are some new domain extension data that are coming into the existence but always remember these are not SEO-friendly domain extensions.

Let me tell you why the (.)com domain is one of the famous domain extinctions. And we will find out the reasons for this by going to search for a keyword called digital marketing on google.

This approves alive the (.)com domain is being preferred in source visual. So, if you are going for a domain or if you want to purchase a domain if you please prefer the (.)com domain extensions addresses as this (.)com domain exception is so friendly.

Few other points why the (.)com domain needs to be is to be purchased. People often assume your website name with the (.)com. So, it’s someone it can be also one of the reasons owning a (.)com domain provides credibility to your brand owns.

A (.)com domain implies a more established business it’s tells people you are more established. If you’re hearing me it’s also an important thing that (.)com domain extension is the king of all domain extensions.

Few other domain extensions that act particularly for a particular business like I have a business that is related to stores so I can buy a (.)store domain extension for my business. I suppose I want something a website to be personal-based so I can buy a (.)me domain extensions. If I want to take my business online, then I can buy a (.)online.

Domain extension that also preferred these days. These are the latest domain extensions that are being introduced in the market and that are that can be quite well famous in coming years and like not only the (.)com but these domain nations are also coming a bit in trends. You can use these domain extensions also like (.)life for representing your life (.)great for business.

What is the Best Platform for Buying Domain?

In the market so many domain providers available. But for my recommendation, Namecheap is the best. First, I purchased the (.) com domain from GoDaddy but at that time it cost around 1054 including all taxes with a discount. Later on, I know about the Name Cheap and I found that the same domain is available to this provider around 40% – 50% less Price. And the major benefit of this provider is when you setting up your DNS IP & Name Server it will just take few minutes to update. And within 10 minutes your site will be live. I tried with several domains this is the best part I have ever seen.

So here we are on a Name Cheap platform. You can put the domain name of your brand and recommend is you should end up with the (.)com domain extension. let’s say it’s available or not. Here if it is available you can buy it just by clicking add to cart and continue to cart.

Before Place, a Domain Order What need to Check?

So, there are a few criteria you can proceed with like you can keep your information private. That is provided by Name Cheap absolutely free of cost. If you want domain security, then this will add a bit more money to your domain. Before purchasing if you required please add this and this can even provide your security and can help you being prevented from hackers. If you don’t want to pay money for protection, you can click on no thanks and proceed further.

you can check out the domain is going to be registered for one year, two years even you can register for 10 years. You can use a promo code and this can also decrease your total domain cost.

Best Place for Name Cheap Promo Code

I will tell you from where you can get the promo code you just need to add one extension and that extension automatically provides you the best-discounted coupon code every time you purchased. The site name is www.joinhoney.com. So now onwards every time when you purchase a domain don’t waste your time searching for a coupon code. It’s just one click away.

How to Connect Domain with Hosting Server?

In the market so many providers available who are selling Hosting servers and domain names. Some providers are offering the free domain for 1 year with a Hosting plan. If your hosting server and domain name provider is different you can easily connect with the server.

Now let’s see how to connect with the domain with the hosting server. After purchasing a domain your domain would be parked with that provider name server. So you need to change the name server of your domain and put your hosting name server on it. If you are using any CDN like Cloudflare then you can use the CDN provider name server on your domain.

What is Domain Name

What is a Name Server?

If you are a newbie don’t know what is name server is for you. Nameserver is a server on the internet. It is specialized in handling queries regarding the location of a domain name’s various services. Nameservers are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS). They allow using domains instead of IP addresses. In Easy Words, nameservers define your domain’s current DNS provider.

What is domain Nameserver

There are the two-name servers that you need to update. Every hosting provider will provide you name server and IP. You just need to copy those server names and replace them with domain nameserver. That will act as connecting your domain name with the hosting. This will take officially 48 hours but if you using Name Cheap it will take hardly 10min. This is only the hard part if you want to learn.

How you can get the Free Domain or Cheapest Domain

So, friends on Name Cheap the domain extensions like (.)me and (.)xyz are often provided free. You can check out on Name Cheap you can get these domain extensions free for your business.

These are the free domain extensions there is another way by which we can get the domain name like (.)com and (.)org (.)co all these domain names also we can get it at the cheapest rate that is available in 99.

There are certain rules you need to be a beginner; you don’t have should have never buy any domain from only it can give you a free domain or at 99.

There are other criteria’s also your IP address would be unique and also check out its feature before buying a domain. If you want the cheapest domain if you’re a new user, you can get it at 99.


We are discussing what is a domain? Types of the domain and how you can get the domain. So, this was all about the domain name. We have studied how to buy a domain name how we can connect it with our hosting server. I try to give you complete details of a domain. I hope after reading this article you don’t have any doubt about Domain. So, friends this was all about domain thank you for reading the complete article. I hope to get a good value from it you need to start implementing it in practice.

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