What is Blogging | How to Start BLOGGING in 2021

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money online. People are looking for different types of jobs or businesses on the internet. There are many online jobs available in India. Blogging is one of them.

Blogging has become the best and most famous way to earn money online. Many people are earning money from blogging and choose blogging as their career. Another reason behind the popularity of Blogging is anyone can start and doesn’t need much education and skills.

You can start blogging in any language like English, Hindi, or any other preferred language. You can also start blogging in your native language also.
If you also want to start blogging and want to earn money through blogging then this article is for you. By reading this article you will get to know what is blogging and how to earn money from blogging.

What is Blogging?

To understand what blogging is, first, you need to understand what a blog is. A blog is a short form of a weblog. Blog means writing articles on any topics displayed in reverse chronological order (new article first).

Blog in simple words is to write something on any topic. The topic will be of your choice of interest. It may be of technology or gadgets, travel, tourism, education, information, news, furniture, finance, etc. You can write on any of these topics.

The blog contains information about a particular topic along with several images, references, infographics, and outbound links. The articles in a blog are known as blog posts.

The process of managing a blog is known as blogging. In simple words, the collective process of writing a blog, publishing a blog, publishing the blog posts, etc., is known as blogging.

Types of Blogging

There are many types of blogging like multi-niche blogging, micro-niche blogging, news blogging, event blogging, etc.

Before knowing the types of blogging, you should know what niche is. Niche means a particular topic or subject on which you write your blog post or article.

1. What is Multiple Niche Blog?

Multi niche blogging is one the most famous types of blogging. In multi niches blogging you have to write blogs on more than one niche.

You can write articles or blog posts on both travel and tech news. You can also write on other topics. In short, the blog that contains articles on various topics and niches is known as a multi-niche blog.

Macro niche blogging provides you an opportunity to write on various topics and niches and rank them in SERP (search engine ranking position). But to rank your multi-niche blog you have to do much hard work. You have to write articles for your blogs regularly for every niche and topic.

If you want to grow your macro niche blog or multi-niche blog, you regularly write the blog on each topic that your blog has. This needs a lot of time and hard work. Hence most people avoid starting a multi-niche blog or macro niche blog as a beginner. Once your multi-niche blog starts ranking and appears in search engine results, you can make a tremendous amount of money from it.

2. What is Micro Niche Blogging?

Micro niche blog is one the most profitable blogging niches. It is means that you write your blog post or article on just one topic.

In simple words, suppose you want to make a blog on a travel niche then put an article in that blog related only to the travel niche. Don’t put any article that is not related to the travel niche. This is known as micro niche blogging.

Micro niche blogs grow faster than macro niche or multi-niche blogs. This is because the Search engine understands which particular topic your blog is and then they rank your blog in the search engine ranking position.

As in micro niche blogging, you have to write on one particular topic, and most of the time that topic is of interest to you. Hence you need less hard work and time to write article micro niche blogs.

Also, micro-niche blogs rank faster. Hence, everybody preferred this type of blog and can make a decent amount of money through micro niche blogging.

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3. What is News blogging?

This is another famous type of blogging. News blogging means you create a blog in which you publish news. This type of blog is most profitable and has tonnes of traffic.

You have to regularly update your blog and publish the latest news on your blog. The main benefit of a news blog is that you don’t have to search content, you just have to write what the latest news or incidents are.

Some of the most famous news blogs are times of India, ndtv, Jagran josh, India tv, etc.

Google most recommends these types of blogs. These types of blogs get traffic from many sources as well as they also get traffic from Google news. The chances of this type of blog getting a high amount of visitors are much higher than any other blog.

4. What is Event blogging?

Event blogging is known as a money-making blog. Before understanding event blogging you need to understand the concept behind event blogging.

When there is a new event or festival, people search for various topics related to that festival or events like wishes related to that festival, images related to that festival, gif images of that festival or event as well as some quotes or thoughts related to that event or festivals.

Now event blogging means many people make the blog based on such events or festivals and put various images, gifs, quotes, videos, wishes, etc. related to that festival and events.

This type of blog gets traffic for a particular period of a month in which that particular event or festival is going to take place. But this type of blog makes good money as these festivals and events are celebrated every year. Hence this type of blog is also used by people to earn money.

 Also, these types of blogs are easy to make and you just need to put images and videos related to those festivals and events. Hence these blogs don’t require any hard work for finding content. Other than these types of blogging, there are also many other types of blogging based on the niche and targeted traffic or audience.

How to earn money from blogging?

Now you have ample knowledge of what a blog is? What is Blogging? And you also understand some of the famous types of blogging.

Now, the main reason for doing any work is to get monetary gains from that work in return. Same in the case of blogging. Now you are wondering that if we create a blog and it gets traffic, but then how can we earn money from blogging?

Don’t worry, I am here to tell you everything about how to earn money from blogging. There are various methods available in the market to earn money through doing blogging like ad networks, Affiliate marketing, paid post, sponsored post, paid guest posting, etc.

Ways to earn money through blogging.

1. How to Earn from Ad networks

Ad networks are the most famous, suitable, and recommended way to earn money from blogging.

When your blog starts getting a decent amount of visitors and then you can apply for ad networks.

Almost every blogger earns money through ad networks. Now the question that arises in your mind is what are these ad networks and how can you earn money through them.

The ad networks are the network of ads that give money to advertise on the blog. You have to allocate some space or part of your blog to these ad networks and in return, you will earn money.

The ad networks will pay you based on impressions and clicks. Here impression means that how many times the ad which is put in your blog is visible to your audience while clicks mean how many times your visitors click on that particular ad.

Whether your blog is micro-niche, macro niche, multi-niche, news blog, etc you can put ads in every blog and make a decent amount of money through it.

If you want to get approval from ad networks then you should have quality content on your blog. And also, your blog shouldn’t have any copyrighted material or post otherwise you will not get approval from ad networks.

Some of the famous ad networks are

And many others. We will discuss that on any other day.

2. How to Earn From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money through blogging. Before knowing how to make money through Affiliate marketing, you need to know what Affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing means selling someone’s product and get a commission in return. In simple words, if you sell anyone’s products to any person then in return you will get a commission.

In Blogging, you can write an article about some products and put the buying link of that product in that article. If someone buys from that link then you will get a commission and this is known as affiliate marketing.

The major advantage of Affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a huge amount of audience. You can also earn if you have less traffic to your Blog.

You can put links to various products in your blog and blog posts and then if someone buys then you will earn.

For earning through Affiliate marketing you should first join an Affiliate network from where you can generate links to the various products that you want to sell.

Some of the famous affiliate marketing networks are:

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Shareasale
  • Click bank
  • Affiliaxe
  • CJ Affiliate
  • eBay affiliate

You can find affiliates of most of the sites or services through their website.

Many people use Affiliate marketing and earn a very huge amount through it. You should try affiliate marketing if you want to earn more through your blog.

3. How to Earn From Sponsored Post

If your blog has a huge audience base, then the sponsored posts are also a good way to earn money.

In sponsored posts, many big brands and companies will approach you and ask you to write an article about their brand or company and in return, you can charge accordingly.

For example, a shoe company will approach you and ask you to write an article about their shoes in your blog, and in return, they will pay you accordingly.

In the beginning, it is hard to get sponsored posts but as your blog will go brands will approach you automatically for sponsored posts.

4. How to Earn From Paid Guest Post

Paid guest is another not famous yet effective way to earn money from blogging. Before knowing how to earn money through paid guest posts, you should know what a guest post is.

A guest post means to write an article or blog spot for some other websites. Now you might be wondering why someone writes for other websites!

People do guest posting do get backlink and traffic from high authority sites. If your site has high domain authority and page authority and has a good amount of daily visitors then many people want to get backlinks from your site through guest posts and you can charge them to put their guest post in your blog.

There are few other ways to earn money through blogging. Such as by displaying a banner of a product of a particular company, by selling your products, by selling subscriptions, etc.


That’s it for this article. I hope you have understood everything about what is Blogging and how to earn money from blogging. But my last advice: whether you start blogging or any other work, every work needs hard work and time to grow. Similarly, you have to be patient and work hard to get successful in Blogging.

If you have any other queries or questions then feel free to tell us through contacting us form. You can reach us out through the comment section below.

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