21 Best Online Business Ideas for Students

Today I will share only the 21 Best Online Business Ideas for Students. Students will be benefited from these 21 options and do no harm. I intend that you can earn money, you may gain your experience, you’ll come to know about the working environment. As long as your studies are over, you see that you already have a bank balance, you have the experience. you can start from scratch if you want. If you want, you can do good business after finishing your studies. So, out of these 21 options, select only those options which will come in handy after finishing your studies, and then they help you in the next Future

Why should Students do Business?

Let’s talk a little about the necessity and the benefits of finding work during your schooling years itself. Apart from helping your family, working while in school gives you some sort of financial independence for your social activities. There are other benefits too:

  1. You learn the value of hard-earned money
  2. Gives important lessons about time-management
  3. Can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age
  4. Helps build confidence for having scored a job at such a young age

Freelancing – One of the Best Online Business ideas for students

This means that you are not a permanent employee of any company or You are not tied up with any company. People from the company approach you, hire you, and get paid for the work. The freelancing industry is expected to reach 20 to30 million by 2025.

The demand will be increased after the pandemic situation. because many companies have started reducing their employees after the lockdown. because they would like to save money and would like to hire a freelancer. Hiring employees and their seat costs, laptops, expenses for them are very high. hiring a freelancer is cheaper than a permanent employee. 

In this article, you will find a lot of ideas about what you can do for freelancing, which services you can give to others sitting at home.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is one of the best online business ideas for students. Virtual assistance means that you are helping someone at work through the phone or laptop sitting at home, through the internet. Suppose someone is running a business, but he is not able to do the total work alone, he is losing money. Then he needs an assistant. But he cannot afford to hire full-time assistants. And there is so much work to do, so how many assistants he/she will hire? Virtual assistance is given to thousands of businessmen and thousands of professionals in these cases.

So, you can also explore this option. There is a lot to learn, the person will share a lot of cases with you for whom you are working with, the person will share a lot of experiences with you. You can also decide the field in which you want to assist.

You can provide assistance in admin, calling, social media, operations. There are many websites where you can apply for virtual assistance. In the beginning, you can give assistance to someone sitting at home. Later, when you will become an expert, you can open your own agency and hire a lot of virtual assistants for your agency and build your own business.

Private Tuition

If you are an expert in one thing, you can teach it to a junior. You can give tuition online. If you are good at the computer then you teach the computer to juniors, if you are good at science then teach science to junior. The online education business is set to become a 19 billion market in the next five years. After the lockdown, people accepted it more. People have understood that these are cheap and the benefits are also more. 300 million students go to school in India, think how big its market size is. If you become an online tutor today and grow it slowly, you can build a big enterprise yourself by hiring teachers under you.

Video Influencers

You can become a video influencer. Video is growing very fast in today’s world. It has many reasons. The population is very high in the World, mobile phones are spreading rapidly. The internet is becoming very cheap. Video content is becoming very popular for this reason. You see that people like to watch videos. People like to see something, instead of reading something.

70% of the Internet’s data is used to watch videos. So think, how much the increased percentage of internet users wants videos. Through videos, you can serve people, create a brand, run a business. Your subject’s related, your skills related your friend’s hobby’s related you can create videos. Through video, you can teach cooking, biology, math, arts, crafts, gardening. You can teach a musical instrument also.

You can learn everything that is happening around you, you can show it to people through videos. you can choose any such topic that benefits people. And you can use them to earn money by putting them on Facebook or YouTube. To learn how to earn money from the Internet, you must read our related articles.


If you want to earn money just by writing, then you can become a blogger. You can write your articles, your topics and put them on your website. In blogging, there are many options to earn. You can earn from ad revenue; you can earn from the affiliate links. There is a little competition in it, because people found it Comparatively Easy, and people keep more interested in watching videos instead of reading. But if your passion is writing or you like to write, then you must know that the internet is growing and blogging is also growing. You can go for it. We have already published some content related to Blogging. Please go through it for a detailed discussion.


Many companies and professionals regularly hire interns in accountancy, designing, digital marketing, and sales. You can go to internshala.com and whatever your skill is, whatever your profile is, you can apply accordingly. You can submit your profile on it.

Affiliate Marketing

We keep giving many pieces of information to all the people around us throughout the day. If you had received money to tell each time, how much money would have been made today? Our next option is affiliate marketing. That is, if people of the world buy a product or service at your instance, then you get some commission from it. If you tell about a product in a blog, or on social media, or in a video, and if people purchase from it, then you will get money as a commission.

If you are doing affiliate marketing during the lockdown, then you can do an affiliate marketing of digital products, eBooks, online courses, etc. You can also do it in your field. If you are a student of engineering and you have an interest in software, then you can start affiliate marketing of software, if you are doing something related to medical, then you can go for affiliate marketing of health care products, If you are doing MBA and you have interest in finance, then you can do it for financial products. We have a full article about affiliate marketing, you can check it and get step-by-step guidance.

Next option for those who have an interest in the digital field. You know how important sales and marketing are for every business. Their revenue comes from that only. Now even small businesses are trying to think about how they can hold the market digitally. They are trying to bring their business forward through Google, through videos. Want to be well known on google map. So here comes a very big scope. Businesses want to go digital but they are unable to go.

So, you can become an expert on Google ads by sitting down at your home. You can learn Google ads online. And you can give this service to the people. You can do freelancing for the companies. You Can run Ads for professionals. Good money comes from this profession.

Facebook Business Expert

Facebook has many types of business options. And to run a business it is necessary to run ads. You can learn how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram. Very few things are inside Facebook. What is Facebook marketing, how are the sales leads in Facebook, how can revenue be generated in Facebook pages, how will the leads be made, etc. There are vast subjects. You can pick it up. You can learn it and give these services to the people. Remember one thing, those who know how to sale, do not die of hunger. And once you become an ad expert, you can hire your interns. Employees and you can run a complete digital marketing agency.

Video Marketer

A lot of companies are trying to know how to do marketing through videos. 4g is spreading rapidly, 5g is being prepared. Videos are fast reaching the people. So you become a video marketer, inside it, you will learn how to make professional videos, how to add resources. How the logo of a company’s video can be taken forward. How can that ads be posted on the internet? Once or if you go to Sikh, you can earn money sitting at home.

Translation Service

If you know any regional language, then you can provide a translation service. Many companies, brands want to translate their products into other languages. They want to get their website translated into Tamil, Gujarati, or Bengali. They want their ads to be translated into other languages. So if you are an expert in any regional language, then you can provide a translation service on the Internet. You can make a business.

Network Marketing

In network marketing, some companies have made people’s lives successful. If you have an interest in things like business, money, finance, products, then you can join a good network marketing company. You get to learn a lot of things here like how to approach the client, how the relationship builds, how the products are sold, how the supply chain works. You get to learn this kind of knowledge. The network marketing companies allow humans to see dreams, teach them how to fulfill dreams. But before joining any marketing company, take complete information about them, the company must be right. The company should have a future.


You can sell a lot of things from home. You can sell it by taking the goods from the whole seller on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart. Same things people are doing already. E-commerce is a fast-growing industry. There are lots of people around you who have started to make a habit of buying products online. In 2028, the e-commerce industry will grow to $ 300 billion in India. You should also take advantage of this growth.

App Development

The next option is for those who have an interest in Tech and are studying CS, IT, EC, etc. Mobile phones are easily available for all people. There are a lot of apps on the phone. Last year, 1900 million apps were downloaded in India. Every brand, every professional is thinking about how to make their app, and are also making. You can give freelancing services to that kind of App Development Company. That company needs developers, you can provide service. It has a good future. You will be benefited. You can do freelancing, be an expert, and also open an agency.

Web Development

Web developers have very big scopes in small cities also. Because not everyone has explored it yet. The company is thinking about how to make its website, how should it happen. So you can do it for them or you can earn money. It is very easy to learn. You can learn and give service. Along with this, you can emphasize development. You can emphasize the business in the future. You can expand. You can do business development.

MEME Marketing

The next topic is for those who are not interested in tech. If you are creative and if you have a hobby of doing something in the digital industry then there is a secret for you that no one knows. One very big scope of the future is meme marketing.

Many Companies, TV Channels, Brands are reaching to people through the meme. They are seeing this as an easy way of advertising. They are doing their brand popular with the people with this short humor-based advertising. That’s why mem marketing is growing slowly. There are many particular agencies for meme marketing. So you can give him freelancing service while sitting at the home. Stay clean, walk long.

Content Writer

If you are good at writing and if you are good to express your communication knowledge, then you can become a content writer. There is a need for a content writer to create a website, content needs for advertising, marketing, blogs. So, you can be a freelancing content writer sitting at home. You can write with your comfort. And you can sell your written content.

Copy Writing

If you are good to express feelings by writing, then there is a big option for you. And the option is copywriting. There are slight differences in content writing and copywriting. Content writing is user-oriented, lengthy. Content can be written by keeping the users’ choice in the mind.

Copywriting is used to generate leads and sell. Use of it to trigger an emotion in words. These are also an art which you can learn. Become an expert. As you become an expert, you can increase your fees.

Graphic Designing

You can also become a graphic designer. Logo, graphics, or designs can be done at home. Companies also find it is affordable. Because there is no work for a whole month. Those companies will give you work. If you can manage to work for two or three companies then you will be getting work regularly. What can be the design of a book, what will the picture look like, what will the font be like, how will the back cover be, you can do this type of work at home. Many free tools will be found on the Internet. You can learn it and start working.


What is dropshipping? In this, you sell the product, but you do not have to buy the product, you don’t need to stock any product at your home, neither you need to send the product anywhere nor you need for logistics. The wholesaler has a product. You put the picture and the description of the product on your website and digital store or your social media profile. If people take the product then forward the order to the Wholesaler. Wholesalers deliver that product to the public and you get a good commission in return.


Social Media Influencer 

You can create a Facebook page on a topic or a category or a brand of your own, you can create a handle on Instagram. You can build your brand or community on a platform that is advancing more on social media. Catch the trend that is advancing more. We know that the growth of social media will gradually increase. People are busier with phones nowadays, so you have to run a business with the phone. So you can also take advantage of this can be a social media influencer.


Thank you for showing some interest in our article. I hope you have already found your suitable way to start your business while you are studying. Don’t waste your time. Study hard and start your business from your home right now. If you love our work please drop a comment & share this article with your friends. We have more interesting articles. Please go through. Thank you.

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