How to Earn Money from Facebook

Welcome to my article on How to Earn Online through social media. Here I’m going to discuss how to earn online through Facebook. Facebook has now become an essential part of our life. Many of you think that only you can earn through YouTube videos, But It is now possible to earn through Facebook also.

I’ve already discussed how you can earn online through YouTube and also, I’ve discussed the 17 unique ideas to earn from YouTube in my different article. Here I’ll tell you how to earn money through Facebook and how to get monetize your Facebook page and how to increase your followers and many other things.

How to Earn Money from Facebook

Many people think that if you have a simple Facebook profile then you can start earning. But this concept is not yet right. You only can earn if you create a Facebook page & you monetize the same.

If you open Facebook may be on your laptop or mobile, you can see a Flag symbol on the left side of Facebook. If you click on it, it will take you to the Facebook page creation window.

What is Facebook Page?

If you have a simple Facebook profile, you can easily create a Facebook page, no other requirement is there to open the same.

It is a very good opportunity for people to buy or sell products or simply post videos on a Facebook page and earn money through it and writing an article on any subject and earn money is possible now.

Facebook page is just like your business place. You can use it for different reasons. The main use of a Facebook page is to promote your business products or to promote your creations.

Types of Facebook Page

There are mainly two types of Facebook pages.

  1.  For Business or Organization.
  2.  Personal Blog

 If you have any business and you want to promote your products to your viewers or if you are creating a page for an organization then you are under this category. And if you are just creating the page just for your blog or maybe you are a creative person & you make or create many things like jewelry or home décor or electrical products, etc. Then you are under the Personal blog category. But in both categories, you can earn money by monetizing the same.

Can I Earn by Writing Any Article on Facebook Page?

Yes, of course, you can. Say example, if you love to travel, you can use a Facebook page as a travel blog & you can help many people to visit the same place where you’ve just visited.

You can give step by step guide to your readers. You can share your knowledge on the things you are interested in. and of course after the fulfillment of certain conditions, Facebook will allow you to claim for monetization. How? continue reading.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

  1. Open your Facebook profile and click on the Flag symbol.
  2. After clicking it will take you to the Facebook Page creation window where you need to fill up a form and you have to provide certain information about your Facebook page. Facebook uses that information to collect some necessary information to understand your page category and your intention to create a page.
  3. In the beginning, you have to provide these three pieces of information, then only you will be allowed to go next.
  4. Page Name (Mandatory field)
  5. Category (Mandatory field)
  6. Description
  7. After this step, Facebook will create your page. But Still, you need to provide full information about your page to gain maximum engagement into your page. Now you have to go back to the fakebook menu again and click on the Page option. Here you can see your newly created page.
  8. Open the page. Here you can see a blank page. You need to fill it. You need to fill in 13 Steps to make your page completely satisfactory. Now Just you need to follow the steps and just fill in the blanks.
  9. You can easily understand what you need to do if you just follow the steps one by one.

You Should Know Before or During Creation of a Facebook Page

After the Creation of the page, you have to Set a Cover Photo of the page & also a Profile Picture. This is very essential. You Must Set a Button for your page.

So many buttons are available, like Massage, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. you can set this button from the “Add a Button” option which is visible just on the right side of the page name on the home page of your page.

Most importantly you need to set a Username for your page. This user name is unique for every page. The purpose of this user name is to gain your page visibility on the web search.

You have to invite your friends to your page. The “Invite Friends” option is there. In the beginning, you have to have at least 10 followers on your page to get all the features from the Facebook page. You may provide your Phone number and website if you have. This is optional but somehow, I think it is good to provide. And you should add your mail Id.

Now If you notice that all the followers are also posting on your page and you don’t want it to happen, then you just need to follow this step to stop getting posts from the public into your page.

  1. Go to the Settings option of the page, which is placed on the just left side of your page. Scroll to the end. The last option is Settings. Click on it & choose “General”.
  2. Look at the right side upper. 2nd option is “Visitor Posts”. Click on edit and choose “Disable posts by other people on the Page”. This is how you can Stop others to post on your page.

How to Delete a Facebook Page?

Go to settings, choose “General” and select the last option from the results which is “Remove Page”.

Earn Money from Facebook Page?

If you want to earn then you have mainly two options.

  1. Video Posting
  2. Instant Article

Can I Earn Money by Posting A Video on a Facebook Page?

You’ve already seen Advertisement comes in between the videos. After Monetization of your Page If you want to earn, you have to post videos that are at least Three Minutes in Length. Otherwise, Facebook will not get the place for running its partners’ Advertisement and unable to give you a part of its commission.

Facebook Revenue

Can I Earn Money from Facebook Instant Article?

Now let’s unveil the facts about FB Instant Article and then how you can earn money from the Facebook instant article. You must be wondering why big publishers like the Washington Post are publishing whole content on Facebook. It is because this new program launched back in 2015.

Designed for mobile users, Instant Article allows the advertisers to publish full articles directly on the platform so that the users can get access to the whole content right away, conveniently. Facebook earns a part of the advertising money. Here is all you need to know how—and why—it uses the platform.

Before going ahead know what you’ll need to get started

A Facebook page– To get going with the procedure

Facebook Pages app– For previewing your instant articles right from your Android/iPhone device.

An RSS feed– To automate publishing contents to FB Instant Articles for the display of full article(s) on the mobile web. Official Plug-in of Facebook Instant Articles- The mark-up of this mobile publishing format on your website or blog triggers support for Mobile Pages accelerated by Google. WordPress users can manage to use the Page Frog plugin for use.

Minimum 50 articles on your blog- You’ll need to submit at least 50 contents to Facebook to get your FB Instant Articles program approved.

Facebook Business Manager – To contact the support team for queries regarding the program.

Once you have all the above-listed essentials, go ahead with the following steps: –

Step 1: Signing Up

You need to have editor/admin rights of a published Facebook Page. Initially, only medium or large-sized publishers, with a minimum of a hundred thousand likes/followers on their FB Page could benefit themselves with Instant Articles.

So, gaining eligibility for Instant Articles sign-up was difficult back then. Now, publishers of all sizes can sign up for this program.

Step 2: Claim your URL

Choose a Facebook Page where you’d like to activate your content. After the selection, you’ll have to claim the URL that will be used for the articles. This one URL will serve as the basis for the URLs of your other posts on the platform.

For this, you’ll have to verify Your Website by adding a Meta tag to your FB page’s <head> tag. Then include the URL to your page’s settings. Make sure to add the URL before clicking on the ‘Claim URL’ button for finalizing the verification.

Know that you are allowed to verify more than one URL in case your website has multiple subdomains or channels. All the information you need to do this can be found in the Instant

Step 3: Comply with the format

Submission of a minimum of five articles for review is mandatory for the publishers to get their accounts activated. Be sure the formatting of the articles is marked-up as stated in the rules. The format of Instant Articles features a simple semantic HTML structure including special attributes and classes.

For example, the data-mode attribute of images is set to full screen, so that they can render full-screen views. There is also an option of setting the data-feedback attribute that allows the users to attach comments and give a “Like” to the image directly.

Further, in the row, publishers can also benefit themselves with custom meta tags by adding them to the head tag. Note that the article’s style tag is an important element of the contents published on Instant articles so make sure it’s used wisely.

If your Meta tag fails to direct the users to the original article over Google AMP then Facebook’s Instant Articles will bring you no benefits.

Step 4: Sync your blog/create articles for Instant Articles

Facebook allows the publishers to publish the articles directly from their Content Management System to the mobile apps, web, and other places where the readers can see the content. They need not create different content for the platform.

Moreover, it allows the publishers to sync their blog with Instant Articles using an API, Facebook’s publishing tools, or an RSS feed.

Step 5: Check the article preview

Install the Facebook Page Manager on your device for previewing your submitted content. You will find the ‘Instant Articles’ option on the page Toolbar’s Settings menu.

Step 6: Customize your articles

Facebook offers the option of customizing the articles according to the particular preference of the publishers. They can select font styles, font colors and upload a logo of their choice during setup.

However, font choices are limited to Georgia and Helvetica Neue font families. That isn’t bad, yeah! Though restrictive, styling your Instant Articles won’t demand any labor from your end.

In case you create your customized style, it should match with Facebook’s meta tag style.

Step 7- Content submission

Submit the content once you have it ready. You have two options to submit your article. The first is by posting it to the Facebook account. Use the ‘+ Create’ button from the ‘Publishing Tools’ screen to submit your content directly.

This option will direct you to the form where you can post your HTML code. The other option requires a Feed URL containing the content. You’ll have to wait a while to get this approach working for you. The setup time depends on the site’s platform.

You may also use a plugin available for the platforms like Drupal and WordPress. You can easily make your content compliable with XML format using this plug-in.

Make sure to check out all the necessary properly before beginning the process. However, both methods are efficient but the first one is the quickest way to making your content ‘an Instant Article’.

Step 8: Wait for the review results

Don’t expect your submission to be accepted right away. Completion of the review process takes 24-48 hours. The wrong position of the image header, styling issues, and code errors are some of the common concerns that prevent the publication of the article on the site.

You might have to reorganize a few components in your article. Once your content gets approval, proceed towards adding the Feed URL by pushing it to Instant Articles.

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Step 9: Post approval of your Content

Once you get the approval for Instant Articles, you can access the Settings Page. The Instant Articles Settings diversify the scope of customizing the content at an enhanced level.

You’ll have various amazing options for your kitty including the auto-publish option from RSS Feed, which of course will make your job much easier. Using the Publishing Tool, you can publish, edit, and delete the articles you had submitted for review.

Plus, you can check the performance of your articles among other Facebook app users. To sum up, you will have a variety of options to optimize your content and upgrade your Instant Articles.

So, this is how to configure your FB Instant article set up.

Social media earning

How to monetize Facebook Instant Article and Earn Money?

There are two methods of monetizing the text-based contents like articles and blogs-

  1. Incorporating direct-sold ads
  2. Sponsored content

The best part is Facebook lets the content creators retain the whole amount of the revenue that’s generated on their content from the ads. You can choose either of the ways to earn money from the Facebook Instant article, according to your preference.

Here is all you need to know about the two processes:-

1. Incorporating direct-sold ads into the Content

Undoubtedly, ads are one of the biggest income sources for content creators. Adding directly sold ads to your digital content will bring huge profits to your business. This is one of the secrets to success of the large publishers.

Instant Articles provide an increased level of flexibility so that the users can make huge revenue by incorporating their direct-sold ads into their content. You can use banner ads, video ads, and animated ads sold by your teams.

As mentioned earlier, you are entitled to retaining 100% of the revenue earned from these ads. The URL is designated inside the article’s source of the ads. The advertisement is listed under the sponsored category so that it easily attracts readers.

2. Sponsored content

Branded/Sponsored Content is sponsored by a particular service/product. Influencers, publishers, and media companies publish sponsored content to generate revenue from their content.

Any verified Facebook page featuring the blue tick mark has access to publishing sponsored content on the platform. But the publishers need to adhere to Facebook’sbranded content policy’ when creating their content.

Advantages provided by Instant Articles for Sponsored Contents-

The Verified Facebook pages churn huge profits using branded content. They need to style their branded content uniquely to get their Sponsored content published as Instant Articles.

The site’s article styling toolset’ allows the users to style their branded content easily, making it more interactive and influential for the readers. Instant Article’s share rate and high click rate offer multiple advantages to the publishers for branded content.

You can formulate your strategies better on knowing about the perquisites. The core benefits are briefed below-

Visually appealing content

The ‘Article Style Editor’ tool of the Instant Articles allows the publishers to make their branded content visually appealing. Facebook has included several appealing features in this tool that offer support for various spacing features, new text, and colors.

Additionally, its real-time preview tool offers the benefit of an instant view of the edits, which is quite promising.

The platform populates the logo of the sponsor automatically every time the sponsor’s name is marked on the Instant Articles from their Facebook page. This enriches the experience of the readers. The byline of Instant Article byline provides a clear view of the marketer’s logo, which gives a native feel to the audience and enhances their overall experience.

Let the world know that you are partnered with your sponsors

With Instant Article, publishers can tag the name of the sponsor on branded content’s title. This makes it one of the best options to let the world know about the content creator’s partnership with a particular brand.

You just have to use the ‘with’ tag when posting your sponsored content on the site. This not only increases the number of followers of that verified page but also makes it easier for marketers to reach a huge number of potential audiences.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page?

Here I’m not talking about the Instant article, I’m talking about a normal Facebook page where you are posting videos and trying to monetize your page.

There are Two Conditions to be monetized.

For In-stream ads: –

(In-stream ads are short ads you can include in your videos to earn money.)

  1. You Have to have 10000 followers
  2. 30,000  1-minute views of 3-minute videos in the last 60 days

Brand Collab Manager

(Earn money from paid partnerships with brands that want to collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience)

Best for Creators with an active, loyal following or Original photo and video content creator or Page topics that most brands won’t see as risky.

  1. 1,000 followers
  2. 15,000 post engagements or 80,000 minutes viewed or 30,000 1-minute views of 3-minute videos in the last 60 days.

Fan Subscriptions

(Create a subscription for your Page and earn a monthly income. Choose a monthly price, offer exclusive benefits and grow the community of people who subscribe to support you. Learn more about how fan subscriptions can support your content)

Best for Creators and brands with a large, active following or Creators and brands with additional value to offer to supporters.

  1. 10,000 followers or 180000 Minutes views.
  2. 250 returning viewers AND 50,000 post engagements.

If you have fulfilled any of the above conditions, you can claim for Facebook Monetization.

For doing the same you have to open the “Facebook Creator Studio” webpage and log in with your Facebook user id and password. If you are already logged in to Facebook then if you open creator studio, it will automatically be logged in. there you can see an option on the left “Monetisation”.

Click on it. It will show you either your page is eligible or not. If eligible then click on next and fill the form. Here you just have to provide your bank details. Be careful while providing.


This is all about Facebook page creation process and it’s monetization process and we have tried to give you a clear concept on Facebook instant article. If you love our article drop a comment and share it with your friends and loved one. Thank you.

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