How to Earn from Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencer marketing is one such hobby where money does not go, but the money comes to you. A hobby that becomes a source of your income and it is possible only in today’s date. It is possible in the Twenty-First Century.

An Indian spends around two and a half hours on the Internet. Where people are spending so much time on the internet, some people are wasting time on social media but some people are taking advantage of this and earning from social media.

What You don’t Need

You do not need to spend a lot of money to start earning from social media, you do not need a lot of followers, no need for expensive cars, no need for expensive makeup, no need for expensive cameras, or no need lot of experience.

You Need Actually

Only the right direction & to understand what your actual Passion, is needed. What I am going to tell you on the strength of my years of experience. Because today I am going to tell you about this golden opportunity, which is called influencer marketing.

I am very excited to share my experience with you. I will tell who should do it, and I will also tell who should not do it. And if you want to fulfill your dreams by becoming an influencer, and want to live your life according to your own, then which steps you have to follow, I am going to tell you in this article.

What is Influencer Marketing?

First of all, you need to understand what Influencer Marketing is. Maybe you have 100000 followers, maybe you have 1000 followers, even if you have 100 followers, if you are active on social media, connect with people, then you are an influencer. But along with being an influencer, whether you will be able to do the marketing of influencer? whether you will be able to earn money or not, I will clear you in this article. 

Influencer Marketing Strategy

We have to understand what companies are doing, what companies want. Companies want to reach their product to the people.

And for that, they do different types of marketing, they run various types of ads on the radio, on newspapers, on TV. Hang Big banners beside roads, they go to the film stars, they go to the cricketers and tell them to advertise their products, even sometimes they send their executives to the people’s home for marketing.

Brands Find Cheaper than to Pay Celebrities

Two to three years ago the companies started to understand this thing. We pay so much money to the celebrities.

If instead of giving so much money to the celebrity, we divide the same amount of money among thousands of influencers who are active on social media, it will cost less than what the celebrities are taking.

Instead of one kind of advertisement, thousands of advertisements will run on the market for less money. Instead of reaching one kind of audience, you will be able to reach many types of audiences and you can do it slowly at your own pace, according to your budget.

One Celebrity Pay is Equal to Hundred Influencers

Companies tried it. According to the followers, according to the profile of the people. Gave them money and their products to use. Say example, they might say, this is our hotel. If you like to stay in it, then tell your audience about it, we will also pay you for it, or like use our app, if you like it, then you must mention it in your profile, you can use our mobile and see this gadget. If you like the gadget, then share its features with your experience to the people. You also got a mobile, you also got money.

Future of Influencer Marketing?

Companies have tried this in different ways and the result has been very good. What is the proof of this? In 2019, the influencer marketing industry was $ 8 billion. This year it is predicted to double to $ 15 to 20 million. Think about how many influencers can take advantage.

When asked about the brands, 67% of marketers clearly said that this year they are going to increase their budget more than last year because this year, they are benefiting a lot from influencer marketing. Is a simple logic.

There are about 500 million Internet users in India. Every brand wants to reach people, so it is clear to the brands that if they go through influencers, then they also get cheaper and also get more effective results.

The brands know that if it goes to a cricketer or a celebrity, then they have to spend more money for it. But if he goes to an influencer, then it does not cost more.

More Effective than Celebrities?

A celebrity and a cricketer are not personally connected with their fans, there is no personal bond because their audience circle is very big, their fan following is huge, where Influencers have a dedicated audience, that is why there is a personal bond, an emotional connection remains with their audience.

 A celebrity does not necessarily use the product, but the influencer uses the product to tell people about it. The reach of the product increases because a celebrity will singly talk about the product, and because the influencer is more in number, the message reaches people in more ways.

Types of influencer

Now you need to know what kind of influencers are

One who Influences with Videos is a Video Influencer.

Those who write their blog and become influencers are blog influencers.

One who is using social media to influence is social media influencers.

If a celebrity is referring to something, he/she is a celebrity influencer.

But we have to understand these influences, if you want to go into influencer marketing then you should know about 4 types of influencers.

Mega Influencer

Macro Influencer


Nano Influencer

Mega Influencer:

Mega Influencer is the one who is influencing through social media but their follower is very much high. They have a huge number of active followers. They have more than a million followers on Instagram or there are more than a million subscribers on the YouTube channel, calling it Mega Influencer. But there is also a minus point here.

The audience is very divided and dedicated in this type. So, not every brand needs to go to the Mega Influencer. In this type the price may be higher, personal engagement also decreases as the subscriber base becomes larger. every brand will not like Mega Influencer.

Macro Influencer:

They are those whose followers are within 1 lakh to 10 lakhs on YouTube on Instagram, they fall into this category. Now if a brand need is very specific, very fixed, defined, it does not even go to the Macro Influencer. He ignores them as well. Say example, if someone wants to sell a female product, then he/she will go to a female product influencer and talk. Here followers need is very specific.


Whose followers range from 10,000 to 100000 falls in this category. Many brands prefer Micro-Influencers. They do not go near Macro or Mega-Influencer.

Because the engagement of micro-influencers is very strong. They are very well connected with their audiences. Audiences are very much filtered. If an influencer puts a video by during travel or makes jokes over the travel and gets enough likes and good comments from their audiences, then it is a right choice for a brand of travel to choose these types of influencers.

Because there is no scattered audience, people who are interested in travel, l are with this Influencer. So, it is seen that the scope of the smaller Influencer is expanding more than the larger Influencer.

Nano Influencer:

It is clear from the name that their followings are very few. There are 1000 to 10000 followers. The most important thing about the Nano Influencer is the Limited audience. Engaged is limited.

That’s why they can give them a personal touch, and the brands do not find the Nano Influencer too expensive. Then the brands go to them and the Nano Influencers also need brands.

So, a very good relationship will be established for both of them. Many companies use 500 Nano influencers in place of a Mega Influencer, so the reach of their products becomes higher to a wide range of people.

Earning from Social Media Influence

According to a report, a Nano Influencer with a follower of less than 5000 on Instagram, can take up to 8000 for a post, the same as a Micro-Influencer with a follower of around 30000 can take up to 18000 for a post easily, and an Influencer who has a follower of over 5 lakhs, he can take up to 7 lakhs for a post.

Micro Scale Influencer & Nano Influencer, the scope of these two is increasing. Many brands are moving from big influences to smaller influencers.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

I do not need to give an exam here, you see on YouTube, you see on Instagram, you see how peoples coming out of ordinary homes, how people coming out of the middle-class family, how coming from the lower class, people becoming famous.

Someone is a YouTuber, someone is a famous Tik Tok star, someone is a famous Instagram celebrity, how is it possible? It is possible with the power of the digital platform. Nobody needs you to spend crores and millions of rupees, or need to go anywhere to become famous or come under the limelight. someone is showing his talent and is becoming famous, some is teaching people and people get involved with him.

Somebody is giving education, someone is teaching, someone is doing entertainment, someone is making people laugh, everyone can show their talent, it is possible in today’s date to become famous in today’s date.

Can I get success in Influencer Marketing?

People are taking advantage of this digital storm. So, let’s see if you can take advantage of this platform or not.

it is very important to know whether you can become an Influencer or not, it is very important to know whether it is for you or not. I’ll talk about it. If your purpose is just to be famous, you want to enjoy people around you or to earn a lot of money, then you will not be able to walk in it, it is not the right place for you. Because what needs to be a successful influencer marketing is passion.

Are you suitable for Influencer marketing?

Do you have that passion to serve people by giving them value? Value can be anything. like someone is passionate to change people, someone is passionate to make people laugh, someone is passionate to entertain people, someone is passionate to give technical knowledge to people. Are you passionate to do something for people? If not, this field is not for you. 

Decide What do You Want

Some people say that after becoming an influencer, there will have a life of comfort, no job will have to be done. Let me tell you. You will not get anything from the life of rest, if you want to get something, you have to work hard. If you are ready to work hard, if you love the ups and downs in your life, if you want to learn, if you want to experiment, love to do something different, if you are ready for the challenge, then you get a lot of learning from this field. 

Creative and Very Challenging Field

It is a very different field; it is a very creative field. Every day is a new challenge, every day there is new learning, there is no limit to learning. Do you have decided that if you want to rest? If you want a salary on the 1st of every month? then this field is not for you. And if you want to work hard and want to try, then this field is for you. The more input you put into this field, the more output you’ll get. you will get growth. 

If you have reached this article till here, then it means that you have that thing inside you which is a very favorite word of mine. That is Passion. It will take you far away from what will fulfill your dreams.

Steps Need to follow to be an Influencer

Now I will tell you what steps you need to follow. How you can you make yourself a successful influencer?

Choose a category:

Choose a topic in which field do you want to become an influencer. No one is interested in you, everyone has an interest in what you are giving to them, what you are going to say, what you are going to show, what you are going to tell. What things do you want to talk about, what things do you want to think about, you have to decide what you are passionate about.

Many people think that I do not want to become a lawyer, I do not want to become a doctor, I have to become an influencer. But I say that if your interest is low, then you can become a lawyer and simultaneously work as an influencer. If you are interested in digital marketing, then learn digital marketing and simultaneously become an influencer of digital marketing. Your interest can make your passion to your profession, you can tell people about it and receive a double benefit.

Right Platform:

Now after choosing your category, the next step is to choose the right platform. Which platform is good for you according to your topic? If you want to play videos, then YouTube can be a good platform for you, in this day, videos play a lot, it is very futuristic. If you want to walk with photos, Instagram can be a great platform for you, if you want to walk with text, Twitter can also be the right platform for you. But don’t try to go to all platforms simultaneously.

If you want to go to all platforms at once, you will not understand this thing, there will be challenges everywhere. You can lose your way. My personal suggestion is to first focus on one platform and understand how it works, then later see how to go to another platform. Start with another platform.

Give Value to your Audience:

It is very important. Here you have to give value to people, you have to give quality content to the people & you have to understand the value of the time of your audience. Now you have to think about what do you can differently, what you can do unique.

In the beginning, if you think that I’ll drop a post and get 100000 subscribers within 24 hours, it is not practically possible. Make small goals. You have to start with the Nano Influencer, move slowly. If your category will be defined then you will start earning from the Nano Influencer.

Engagement with the audience:

The very important thing is engagement. Stay connected with your audience, keep giving value to them, and so some respects to each subscriber. Your audience group is just like your family. Do not ever guide them wrong. Do not harm your audience for the greed of money. Give them what is right for the audience, only then you will be able to walk long.


India is being digital; influencer marketing is growing. If you want to become an influencer, start from today. Always remember “Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it.”

We have already published much effective content which can help you to understand how you can earn money online with less effort. Please go through. If you love our work, please drop your valuable comments, share our articles with your loved ones. Thank you.

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