17 Ways to Earn From YouTube | Most Effective Ways in 2021

Videos are the most used content of the coming time. YouTube video content is the uncrowned king of the world. Did you know that if using YouTube in the right way, you can make a good income from YouTube? Most people are aware of one or two earnings ways of YouTube. But there are many ways to earn from YouTube. And whenever I start something new, I like to experiment and research it.

After all, by doing all this, your knowledge increases, and you get a good experience. If you research Google or YouTube that ways to Earn Money on YouTube, you will get only 5 or 7 ways. But based on this research and experience, I will share with you 17 or not 5 or 7 complete ways today. Many of these ways for earning income from YouTube can give you a good income.

1. YouTube advertisement.

The most popular way of earning from YouTube is YouTube advertising. Anyone who gives videos on YouTube must know about YouTube advertising. So, if you have a YouTube channel and want to monetize your videos, you can run YouTube ads in your videos. Your channel will have to be eligible to run ads on YouTube videos. For this, your channel should have 1000 subscribers and total valid 4000 hours of watch time in a year. You can compare the YouTube earnings with the government job.

For example, even if the earning is less in a government job. You will get guaranteed income, and your life will be completely comfortable. By the way, YouTube has low earnings, but it’s guaranteed. That means if YouTube monetization approved, you will get guaranteed income. And there is no need to apply mind to show advertisements; the only monetization needs to be active. The myth of many people is that the more subscribers there are, the more earnings. But this is not true at all.

There is no earning on the above of the subscribers. Your earnings depend on the views. How many payments will you receive that based on how many views depend on your channel’s niche? How many ads do you show in your videos? What is the language of the videos? And this video is from India, or the USA, or any other country.

In the future, this method is going to be very popular on YouTube. In the world, thousands of companies are offering an opportunity for affiliate marketing. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon and Flipkart as examples. If you want to be an affiliate of any companies. You have to promote those companies’ products from your YouTube channel.

Like you have given a review of the iPhone 12 Mini and put your affiliate public link on it. If anyone purchases it by watching its video, it will get a good commission on every buy. Affiliate marketing is most profitable in comparison to YouTube ads.

But income from affiliate marketing is not that easy. First of all, your channel should have good authority. People should trust you, and you should only remember products related to your goal and useful for your audience. If you work on a profitable niche, you can get a lot of affiliate offers.

But if you work in General niches such as Entertainment, Music, News, Motivation, you can neither get more affiliate offers nor will you get more conversions. If you want to learn these programs properly, then you must read the article on affiliate marketing.

3. Selling Your Products

This is also a smart way to make income from YouTube channels. When you get good subscribers on your channel, and your channel has good engagement, you can sell your product. If you don’t have any product, you can create.

You can sell any physical product, any course, training, or service, or you can sell any software or tool. Selling is even more beneficial because in it all the profit is yours, but your product should be helpful.

4. Sponsorship Paid Placement and Endorsement

There is no shortage of sponsors nowadays. It would help if you had more than 1000 subscribers cross, and there should be some engagement of the channel. You will start receiving lots of sponsorship. All you have to do is to add your contact email in your about section and, if possible, add the mobile number as well.

You can also contact an agency if you want. But here comes the matter of how much you can earn from sponsorship. And how many sponsorships you should take in a month.

There are a lot of facts to decide how much you charge for a sponsored video. But the most important thing is that it depends very much on your Negotiation skill. You can also take paid placements and endorsements in the same manner.

If you are a YouTuber, do you know the difference between sponsorship, paid placement, and endorsement? You can comment below.

5. How YouTube can help to Earn From Blogging

This is also a method that people use blogging in significantly less. If you work on a good niche like health or finance, fashion, travel, lifestyle, books, foods, how to marketing, digital marketing, music, cars, personal development.

How YouTube Help to Earn From Blogging

So, you can start a blog by converting your videos to tax. And you can earn extra from the blog. Not only in English but also Hindi, it is very promotional. The earning of your blog’s AdSense on the thousand views is more than the earning of your YouTube ads.

And not just AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other ways you can also earn from your blog. For doing blogging, the most important is content. And that problem already you have a solution.

Now focus on your SEO to generate traffic. And yes, even if you do not have a YouTube channel, you can do this work.

6. Earn from YouTube Monetization

YouTube gives you many options too to fussiness. With channel monetization so that you can increase the earning of the channels. Like you can design and sell your merchandise. You can offer membership at one level or several different levels.

You can offer books or different benefits to your members, such as Bezos, Emojis, in exchange for this membership. It is an option for a recurring income in which your members pay you every month. You can sell super chat or super stickers to connect with your subscribers.

Apart from this, YouTube also shares the revenue of premium members with you. If your members have seen videos in the premium membership for that content, YouTube will pay you. Activate your monetization; your channel needs to be eligible. And you can see everyone’s criteria here.

You Can Check More On: YouTube Step by Sep Monetization Guide

7. Promote Other Channels

This is also the right way if you have good subscribers and you use it properly. Like companies need promotion, and they approach YouTubers for sponsored videos.

Similarly, a lot of new YouTubers need exposure and can also pay for it. Usual people use Google Ads to promote their channels.

But it is much more expensive, and paid promotion does not even give that many results. If your budget is low, very few YouTubers pay to collaborate to promote other channels. This is the right way to make a good income if you use it smartly.

8. Earning option is YouTube Consultant

For the new YouTubers in recent time, competition is very much high. Starting and growing your channel on YouTube is very difficult today. If you have a good YouTube experience with a good subscriber on your channel, you can give the new YouTubers consultancy.

You can give proper guidance on how to shoot videos, how to write titles, descriptions. Which day and time videos are suitable for publishing?

How to use stories, and YouTube shots, how to engage your audience, how to view analytics, and understanding. There are so many things that help new YouTubers to grow. You can guide them through phone or video calling by charging them some price.

9. Help Companies to Find YouTubers for Sponsorship

For this, you did not need any agency, but you can work as an individual. If you have a resource, you can create an agency. Which got the sponsorship of YouTubers, but you can do this work alone without creating an agency.

When you approach a company, you feel that you understand the product of this company very well. Then you can help that company collaborate with the right influencers. In this way, you can approach this method.

10. The tenth is Make Money with Other Social Platforms

Do you know that thousands of YouTubers did not follow Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn earlier? But nowadays, due to his YouTube channel, many followers are growing. Like YouTube, all other social platforms are compelling to generate business, establish a brand, and earn money.

So, if you have a YouTube channel, you can use it to increase followers on your Instagram and other social platforms. If you put regular posts on those social platforms, your subscribers and followers can grow even faster.

Then, you can earn a good income from these social platforms too? Now I will not be able to cover here how to do the earning. The YouTubers, who have a good follower, can also analyze their channels on other social platforms and promote their Instagram or other social accounts. And how do they engage his audience on other social platforms on his YouTube channel?

11. Licensing

Many times, it happens that something different will create while making a video. Or something captured in your camera that is very funny, strange, weird. It means to say that something is out of the box and has all the ingredients to go viral.

But you do not know how to use this video. Or there is not much authority in your channel that those videos can go viral through your channel. So, in such a case, you can license your video to another company.

There are dozens of companies where you can submit your video and make income from your video. Like Junk Media, Video Elephant, Viral Hog, Unlaid, etc. You can check these websites and how much you can earn from this type of premium and viral videos.

12. Patreon

Patreon is the perfect platform for artists and creators to monetize their premium content well. In this way, not only YouTube creators but also musicians, visual artists, writers, journalists, and gaming creators can monetize their exclusive content very well. Better platforms for YouTube creators are to offer membership.

13. Donation

If you want to show your content, add free to your subscribers. You don’t want any sponsorship. Or even if you do not want to promote an affiliate product, this is the method that can be the best for you. How they earn, millions of dollars are made from donations from different popular websites like Wikipedia and Archive. A lot of YouTubers request donations on their channels.

Websites such as ko-fi.com, flattr.com can help you to make donations. In the same way, if you have some unique ideas or some different projects on which you want to work or create some unique. But for this you do not have funds, then you can use YouTube for fundraising. Don’t worry, if your content is good, then people in India can also support you. Try once, try it.

14. Managing other YouTube Account

You know people hire agencies for social media marketing, SEO, or other business tasks. Like that many people hire a third party to manage their YouTube channel. If you have time to manage other YouTube channels or have a small team, you can help such people and charge them well.

You have to edit their role video, upload it, then create a thumbnail. Add titles, descriptions, tags, then publish and grow them. Its demand is going to increase a lot in the future. Because everyone wants their channel on YouTube, but there is a lack of expertise and time.

15. YouTube Videos on National Ranking Subtitled

Do you know that by adding subtitles to YouTube videos, the performance of the video increases significantly? There are three crucial reasons why YouTube captioning increases your videos’ performance much more.

The First Point is :

your SEO will highly be improved because of adding more words.

Second Point :

466 million deep people can watch your videos. Such people have trouble listening, and they can see your videos. And millions of people who like to watch videos on zero volume can see your videos.

The Third is:

English is a universal language. People who do not understand your language can see your videos in English subtitles. According to a survey, videos without subtitles are 66% engagement. And videos with subtitles are 91% engagement.

Many YouTubers are serious about captioning. And there will be a lot of demand for caption writers in the future. By developing skills, you can approach YouTubers. Who have good subscribers and those channels you can target internationally?

You can configure them to add captions to their videos. And you can charge them on video or word. Or sites like Fiverr, Upwork, here you can find a lot of projects of caption writers.

16. YouTube marketing

The second large search engine is YouTube in the world, and the first one is Google. YouTube has 100 countries and 80 languages ​​with 200 billion worldwide. login users worth 2 billion. One hundred million hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.

Very promotional to make your company brand on YouTube and to sell your product. You have to learn YouTube marketing, and you can sell your product with YouTube. Not only this, if you know YouTube marketing well, then you can also promote the products of other companies. There are thousands of companies that need a good marketer to market their product.

17. Sale Your Channel

If you are not interested in business, then you can also sell your channel. Like people sell their website on Flippa. There are some platforms in the same way that helps in getting your YouTube channel sold.

You can sell based on your YouTube channel’s value. How many videos you have. Your total number of Subscribers. You can calculate the total number of uses with monthly income. Sites such as Fameswap, Playerup, Trust, and accs-market.com can help you to sell your YouTube channels.


So, how did you like this article? Have you found some new ways to income? Which method are you using already? Which of the new ways in this article are you going to use for YouTube channel? If you like this article, then definitely share it with friends. And if you have not connected with us yet, you can join now to get notification of the upcoming article, which is free.

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