Best Blogging Platform for Blog Site

When we are going to start we are confused about which platform is best right. Many people ask me what is the best blogging platform for their blog site. Do you know What is WordPress? What is Wix? Which Platform is better for you. Even you know about WordPress You know what is the difference between and

Don’t worry friends we will discuss in detail all the platforms. After this article, you will be very much clear about which platform is better for you. So, I’m making this article with pros and cons and which is a detailed comparison of,, or Joomla, or Squarespace and you can choose which one works best for you.

How to Choose the Right Blogging Platform

When you are going to choose the right blogging platform. You need to look at a few points like look for better features. You should be able to modify the design and features over time as you improve your skills. You need to understand for a more user-friendly interface we need to know the coding knowledge. But most of us are not web developers. We don’t know JavaScript, CSS. So we need a simple user interface this does not require coding.

How to Choose Best Blogging Platform

The most important part is monetization capabilities. Because blogs are supposed to allow you to earn money. End of the day what we are focusing to earn some money from it. So, choose a platform that has features that allow you to monetize.

We need to check which platform is providing the best service for low-cost. Many platforms are free but it’s not worth it if you don’t get what you need. For one of those platforms, you need to ensure can you update or where you can fix issues or how you can change the layout. So, make sure your platform provides you access to the admin area.

Self-hosted vs Free Hosted Platform

Now, there are two varieties of blog sites: self-hosted platform and free hosted platform.
Now we are going to in detail with both the platform and we will compare with Self-Hosted Platform and Free Hosted Platform. so here are the details of the best blogging platform

  1. • In a Self-hosted server you can store files in some external server. Whereas in a free hosted platform the server stores all the files.
  2. • Now in self-hosted, you should have some technical knowledge to install and setup on a server. But in the free hosted platform you just need to register and create an account with a hosting server.
  3. • In self-hosted you will have full access to your files and structures but in free hosted you will have less access.
  4. • In self-hosted you will get more customization in free hosted your features are restricted and are given by the platform.
  5. • In self-hosted you are responsible for security updates maintenance. But in a free hosted platform, you don’t have to spend time on updates and maintenance because the platform will manage on behalf of you.
  6. • In self-hosted you can monetize in whichever way you want and you have full control over advertising but in free hosted, monetization and advertising are restricted(except blogger).
  7. • In self-hosted you will need to purchase a domain and hosting but in free hosting, you can get a free subdomain.
  8. • Self-hosted platforms include, Joomla, ghost grouper, and free hosting platforms include,,, Tumblr, Weebly.

Now we are going to analyze all the popular platforms. We will compare some of these popular blog sites and let me help you to find out the best blogging platform that suits your needs.

What is

First of all, we will discuss the most popular and number one platform is Now it is for those who want full control over their website. I use It is the most popular self-hosted platform. It is free but you have to build the site. You have to host all the software by yourself. This is the most popular and used platform on the internet. 37% of the worldwide internet user are using this is as the best blogging platform.

In WordPress only you need to buy a Domain and Hosting and you can start building your website. There are so many page builder plugins are available for giving you the most attractive looks and feel. Thousands of pre-built templates are available for the latest customized design. This is the platform if you don’t have any coding knowledge you can build a website in a very easy way.

Pros of WordPress Platform

The best pros of WordPress are they are providing your full ownership. It provides high flexibility in designing with thousands of themes. It comes up higher than the search engines and millions of people use the platform. So, there are forums and communities for your health and troubleshooting. Moreover, it has more than 50 000 plugins which provide you a lot of options.

Cons of WordPress platform

The most common cons are you need to manage security and backups on your own. So, I have to do it on my own and it takes some time to understand, manage the website.

For this con, the best solution is that you need to purchase a good hosting provider who has a daily backup facility. You can choose those that have a 24 hours customer service support in live chat.

Difference Between and

Best Blogging Platform Comparison vs

Now guys do you know that and are different platforms. But they are like close cousins. Now let us find out what is is best for those who want free blogs.

The main difference between and is the hosting of your website. With it is the platform that takes care of your hosting including update security but in, you need to host your website on your own.

You can also track down stats such as unique users, page views, likes, comments from time to time. You can know places from where you got traffic whether it is coder, YouTube, Pinterest.

So, your hosting will have the address format like The main domain will be and your site will become like a subdomain.

That is the fundamental difference your domain will have the word WordPress and this is a big limitation. Because in the eyes of Google it shows you’re not serious. But it is very good if you’re just starting and you want to explore without getting into the hassle of managing the site.

Now, friends, displays ads on free blogs so you cannot monetize your blog if you are using the free version.

Best Blogging Platform

What is

Now let’s discuss another popular platform which is Wix. Wix has a lot of customization capabilities and they have a simple editor from where you can import images, music, video from the gallery. It also has a unique feature called Wix bookings and it will allow you to schedule class appointments on your website.

Pros of

Now the main distinguishing feature for is its robust blogging functionality. So, you can make an endless number of pages of blogs. Besides blogger another thing which I like is the design editor. You can choose the kind of site that you want to create. You can add free stock images, you can use third-party apps, you can use templates to customize your site, you can get your blog automatically designed through AI.

Cons of

The cons are that you will be limited to 500MB of data transfer in a month. So, if you’re planning for a site that will have a lot of traffic, I will not recommend to you. Even on paid plans now in, you will get limited eCommerce abilities. You cannot move your side of content anywhere else

What is Medium?

Now let’s talk about the next big platform which is Medium. It is for those looking for a pre-existing audience and for those who own the site who aren’t the target. The medium was founded only in 2012 and it’s very popular among bloggers, journalists, writers. It is visited by 60 million people so your blog can have huge visibility and you can find very niche-focused writing and serious writers use it. So, for example, if you are looking for articles on insects you can find posts on and terminology rather than animals.

Pros of Medium platform

The benefit of the medium is it is free, you just need to sign up. It is an elegant user interface and you can link your content with YouTube, Twitter.

Cons of Medium

Cons are that medium can control your content. You cannot monetize. You cannot transfer your content to other platforms. There is hardly any customization option on medium. So, all the content looks the same.

What is Blogger?

Let’s talk about another popular platform which is Blogger. It provides ease of use and is the best site for personal blogging. It is owned by Google so it integrates best with mobile devices and with other Google services. You can get 15GB of free storage using google drive. Now that makes it easier to share a lot of images on your blog. The editor looks similar to the word page and the platform somehow resembles a google plus profile.

So, the blogger also has a spam filter. We will not get unnecessary comments. You can see visitors’ tags. Now here because it is free so your blog will have ads and your address will be Your site will come as a subdomain and the main domain will be

Pros of Blogger Platform

Now the pros of blogger are it takes care of all the maintenance, hosting, technical issues. Blogger is free to use

Cons of Blogger Platform

The cons are that you will not get a lot of updated features. Blogger will display ads on your content. Blogger lags in design options, updates. It doesn’t have so many additional features. It’s not so powerful as WordPress.

What is Joomla Platform

Now let me tell you about Joomla. It is for those who are more focused on the website detailing and they need host support. Basically, Joomla is an open-source system by which you can create any kind of website. You will get free software but you need to pay for hosting, just like It looks like Microsoft Word in terms of polls in the menu and on the editor, the tags include select keywords, post category, date, meter description.

So, Friends, my recommendation is you should use Joomla when you want to create a more complex and detailed website because you have a lot of templates, a lot of extensions, lot of functionality.

Pros of Joomla Platform

So, the pros are a lot of add-ins, lot of extensions. You can change the design because there are hundreds of templates. You can create websites that have more offerings than just the blog.

Cons of Joomla Platform

Cons are you need to have some knowledge of HTML and CSS and there’s a lot of technical stuff on the platform. You will have to always zoom the hosting and you have to manage security and backups on your own.

What is

Now let’s talk about one more platform which is It is for those who are looking for modern offerings. It is like another version of WordPress.

Pros of

You can use both hosted and self-hosted. You need to pay for hosting but then this software is free. So, the ghost is built-in SEO, Social Media Capabilities and is focused on blogging.

Cons of

The cons are you won’t get a lot of themes and you might find that bit complicated to use and it has limited customization.

Which Blogging Platform is BEST?

So, Friends now it is time to decide. There are so many platforms and we reviewed all the popular ones. Now let me quickly summarize the best platforms. The best platform for dedicated bloggers is The best platform for free is The best platform for photographers is Best platform for writers The best platform to make money and the most updated and powerful platform The best platform for complex data inside Joomla and the best platform for personal bloggers are

Friends which is the best blogging platform for you? Tell me in the comments section. Ask me any questions or any doubts you have. We are freebloge we are the first on the internet who is providing free support in LIVE SUPPORT CHAT. You can discuss this with us 24 hours.

We always try to give more value to you. If you want to know how you can start earning with WordPress please read our Article:

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